Application form

“AGDI 100-160” Type Local Automatic Gas Distributor

“AGDI 100-160” type local automatic gas distributor installation perfoms operative control on technological parameters and processes, On the basis of  obtained  information it prevents the cases of disorder and accidents in time and provides normal, harmonious and optimal working regime and creates grounds for  the working processes. It provides the normal and harmonious regime of technological objects and increase the productivity of boreholess, optimalization of pumping gas into the boreholess, ceaseless work of devices and equipment and gives an opportunity to improvet the technical  service.

Technological Block

  1. Pressure differential indicator transmitter;
  2. Pressure indicator transmitter;
  3. Temperature transmitter;
  4. Orifice plate;
  5. Pressure indicator gauge;
  6. Pneumatic cutting valve;
  7. Regulating valves with electric periodicity
  8. Five-way valve blocks;
  9. Two-way valve blocks;
  10.  Automatic ventilation block;
  11.  Emergency valves;
  12.  Check valves.

Local Automatic Control Panel

  1. Programmed logic controllers in Panasonic FP2(PLC):
  • Feeding modulus
  • Entry modulus of analogous signals
  • 16-channel digital exit modulus
  • 16-chanel digital entry modulus;
  1. Plot relay
  2. (Four channel) galvanic separating modulus
  3. Frequency regulating modules
  4. The seventh colour operator panel
  5. The fifteenth colour operator panel
  6. Industrial network


1. Admission and distribution of gas;

2.  Controlling  the pressure, temperature and the differences of pressure of the admitted gas;

3. Controlling the differences in the pressure of gas in borehole lines and pressure differences;

4. Regulation of gas waste in borehole lines in “Automatic”, “Distant” and “Hand” control  regimes;

5. Opportunity of distribution of reagent to boreholes;

6. Closure of the entry collector in case of an accident;

7. Delivery of information on pressure and temperature in the collector, by indicating the number of the borehole, to inform on the deviation of pressure in boreholelines;

8. Transmission of information on actuator valves to “Controlling and Automatation” room and to the transmitter centre;

9. Reflection of the parameters on the monitor;

10. Drawing graphs and archiving the parameters;