Controlling Devices and Automatic Equipment

            It is impossible to imagine the present industry without electronic components and computer technology. In fact, all the processes of production demand an exact and sustainable monitoring and appreciation. Besides, to obey those rules and parameters it is necessary to intrude controlling devices and automatic equipment into the process of production all the time.  Controlling devices and elements of automatization are used for providing the correct and ceaseless work of the processes of production.

            Controlling devices and elements of automatization are widely used in medicine and agriculture. It is impossible to imagine the food industry without the application of controlling devices. Recently both of them are widely used in oil and heavy industries, too. For instance, a device called monometer is used to control the pressure in wells and pipes. Different types of temperature and pressure controlling devices, contactless diverse starters are applied in industry successfully. Owing to controlling devices and automatization we get detailed informatuion on oil and gas production, gradually our expenses become minimal, incomes become maximal.

            Controlling devices and automatization are being used for dozens of years. Within these years they have undergone improvement. At present controlling and automatic devices  are used jointly with the components of automatization. It means that if several years ago controlling and automatic devices were measuring only certain parameters, at present they have many outside interference functions. It allows not only control the exact parameters, but also have a regulating influence on their changes.

            Regulation of parameters dependes on the errand of the engineer and service corps. And it takes place due to the application of  microprocessor schemes which have a programming function in controlling and automatic devices. The mordern contolling devices give unlimited opportunities to the automatization of production processes.

            Different elements, signal transmitters, regulators and feeding blocks are widely spread controlling and automatic devices. It is necessary to note particularly BU-21 controlling block among the temperature and pressure transmitter elements. We can also mention the devices connected with environment which bear the functional elements. Transmitters are automatzed and have controlling and transmitting  functions. The first one is able only to register the obtained results.The  automatic transmitters with transmitting function are able to regulate the indicators included into the program. Such kind of controlling and automatic devices are actively used in the sphere which controlls the temperature and pressure indicators very impotant for the quality of the produced product. Gas and oil producing enterprises must be particularly mentioned among the enterprises, which are in need of such elements most of all. Temperature transmitters with automatic elements are encountered in every enterprise.They form the basis of fire signalization. When these transmitters detect the change of temperature and or dimness, it sends a signal to  the fire signaisation device.

            One must not forget the controlling and automatic devices for multi-channel registrator, feeding blocks, feeding blocks with transmitter signals, meterological devices and fuel filling complexes. All this devices ensure our daily life activities. They ease our work and rest, ensure our security. Without controlling devices with automatic elements  the production processes would have been dangerous  for human life, ecology of environment.