Gas Turbine Thermal Power Plant

Gas Turbine Thermoelectric Station

The power of Gas turbine thermoelectric station is 45 megawatts. The station consists of six turbines each with 7, 7 megawatt power. Four of them work on fuel, two – on gas and diesel fuel. A two-storey building of 1800 square meters houses the repair workshop of drilling equipment, work rooms, archive fund and equipment for processing the information.

Controlling Devices and Automatics Company Ltd. has assembled the controlling and automatic devices, systems controlling cable fire signalization and gas leak in the Gas Turbine Thermoelectric Station built in the Oil Rocks, it has also assembled the pressure, consumption, differential pressure, level transmitter equipment, laid a communication cable to the operator’s room, examined, tested and connected “Marshaling” type controlling cabinets. Up to now 24 km cables of different dimensions have been laid and 80 devices of different assignment have been assembled, 200 meter 12, 7 mm dimension impulse pipes, which connect the pressure, differential pressure transmitters, have been laid and connection works have been performed. After the completion of assembly works testing has been conducted and the work has been turned over to the client.

All the mentioned works have been performed in close contact with local and foreign companies within five months.

The Station is to supply Oil Rocks and 28May oil and gas deposits with electricity.