Our History

Our enterprise was founded on September 2, 1969, with the purpose of automatization and mechanization of controlling processes in oil and gas production as a Bureau of Specialized Experimental Controlling Devices in Drilling” of the Ministry of Oil Production of the Soviet Socialist Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1976 it was made the Central Base of “Azneft”( Azerbaijan Oil Company) and in 1993 it became “Azerineft Avtomatika” (Azerbaijan Oil Automatics) and finally in 2011 it became “Controlling  Devices and Automatics” Ltd., and continues its activity in that capacity. At present it is engaged in the creation of automatized devices and systems, assembly, repair, adjustment of controlling and automatic devices, technical service, testing pressure controlling devices, discovery of defects in oil-field equipment and tools by means of ultra sound controlling, installation of security, video-controlling and signalization systems, rendering services and others.