Pressure Raising Compressor Station in Guneshli Deposit

Pressure Raising Compressor Station in Guneshli Deposit

Pressure Raising Compressor Station was assembled in 87 meter depth of the sea in 2014. The productivity of the Station is 3 000 000 cubic meter/day. The station is constructed on two supporting blocks in the form of pyramids, each weighing 6000 tons. There are 12 compressors, two air coolers, 12 gas regulators, a drier, an air receiver, and one generator with a diesel engine, two transformers, 12 controlling rooms and one transportation deck. The compressor station built in Guneshli deposit consists of 12 compressors. Controlling and automatic devices, fire signalization and gas leak discovery system have been assembled by Controlling Devices and Automatics Company Ltd.

In conformity with the assignment 24 consumption transmitters, 27 level measuring tools, 43 level relays, 27 level transmitters, 70 pressure monometers, 60 pressure transmitters, 30 differential pressure transmitters, 60 tempo-meters, 36 temperature transmitters, and 24 thermo elements, 40 regulation valves, different parts of 60 anti-emergency valves have been assembled. Three humidity analyzers in the model system have been assembled in the appointed place. Totally 70 devices have been assembled, including fire, gas leak detectors, open end gas detectors, hand-ruled incident stop  buttons, sound and  light signals.  Four hundred meters of cable channels of different sizes have been laid, 160 pipe and channel pillars of different assignment have been assembled, 30 km-long cables of different sizes have been laid along the main road, six “Marshaling”-type cabinets have been in the operator’s room. All pressure and impulse pipes of differential pressure transmitters have been connected.

All cable joints, impulse pipes have been examined for the detection of defects and given to the client.

All the mentioned works have been performed in close contact with local and foreign companies.

The exploitation of Gaslift Compressor Station provides the regulation of gaslift systems on the platforms in Guneshli deposit, as well as the collection of gas emitted into the air and its transportation to offshore.